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As a leading supplier of off-highway components, Dana offers transmissions that are manufactured in both Europe and North America. Assembled and sourced globally, Spicer off-highway transmissions provide the latest technology for the diverse needs of off-highway vehicle end-users.

For the off-highway market, Dana manufactures electronic controls that are designed and engineered to provide smooth and efficient shifting operation. State-of-the-art features include electronic modulation, electronic throttle and brake-by-wire capability, electronic single-pedal drive capability, and differentiation between vehicle speed and engine RPM for auxiliary use.

Spicer electronic controls are capable of improving vehicle and operator performance by shifting automatically at predetermined speed and load points. Not only do they offer an advanced level of drivetrain control and ease of use, they also make available certain monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. These capabilities, in turn, enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Simply put, we're your single source for off-highway and industrial driveshaft products.

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Powershift Transmissions
24000 Powershift Transmission
36000 Powershift Transmission
SOT16000 Powershift Transmission
T12000 Powershift Transmission
T16000 Powershift Transmission
T20000 Powershift Transmission
Model T33000 Powershift Transmission
T40000 Powershift Transmission
TE 05 FLT Transmission
TE 07 FLT Transmission
TE 08 FLT Transmission
TE 10 FLT Transmission
TE 13 Powershift Transmission
TE 15 FLT Transmission
TE 17 Powershift Transmission
TE 27 Powershift Transmission
TE 32 Powershift Transmission
VDT12000 Powershift Transmission
PSR 08 Synchro-Shuttle Transmission
Model 32000 Series Transmission
Model 1000 Series Transmission
Transfer Cases
Torque Converters
Torque Converters
C270 Torque Converter
C320 Torque Converter
C330 Torque Converter
C2000 Torque Converter
C-CL 5000 Torque Converter
C-CL 8000 Torque Converter
C-CL 9000 Torque Converter
C-CL 16000 Torque Converter
Electronic Controls
Model APC160 Transmission Controller Systems
Model APC200 Transmission Controller Systems
Model APC50/EGS50 Transmission Controller Systems
Model APC70/EGS70 Transmission Controller Systems







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